Applicant: Interview Process

We do our review of applicants verbally, in our discord server.

Applicants must have an active/valid discord account to connect with our discord server.

Applicant microphone must be configured to work within a multi user environment. This means that your microphone should be configured so that you can freely communicate with other members of our team, without a bunch of in/audible noise or static coming from your background/surroundings.

Applicant can expect to be interviewed by at least one person from the area of interest or department they applied to be a part of in their application.

Applicant should be comfortable with "awkward moments of silence" and familiar with general voice communication practices.

Interviewers will ask information related to the position the applicant is applying for, but the process of interviewing may not simply intail asking of questions. We are a gaming community, your interview process could take place while roaming the streets of zelador, chasing dinosaus in the isle, or some awesome pursuit of Oxyn in The Hunter Call of the wild. It really just depends on the games you play and the position you applied for :)

Either way, when the time comes that you do get your interview with our devs, don't be too nervous, we're all just regular people like yourself.

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    May 13, 2024
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