Application: Information

Applications are created or developed based on each specific department, as a position opens up within that department, and the request or need for information that is asked in the application is relevant to the role that department is expected to undertake within the project.

Applicants are asked to provide any information the department that they are applying for may need to know before the application is accepted for further processing.

Some examples of the information an application may ask of applicants may be such things as: reason for interest in applying, level of experience, previous and/or relatable experience, ability or skills to perform specific duties of department/team members

Once the application is filed out properly and submitted for review, the applicant will be contacted for further review of their application for the voluntary position.

If the application does not include the information asked for in the application process further feedback will be provided in the comments attached to the thread created with your application process.

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    May 13, 2024
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