Application: Introduction

Details and information about applications and the process here at CMOGAMING.

Welcome, this is our starting page for application introduction & information. This section of our website is intended to provide information related to our project, community, development team, and it will include the application process at the end of the walkthru.

We are always striving to simplify processes for members seeking information within our Discord or on our website. Our goal is to ensure transparency in who and what we 'are' as a gaming community, where we are headed, and how members of our community can get involved if they are motivated enough to do so.

We aim to achieve this by clearly outlining the expectations, duties, and responsibilities of our community, our development departments, and our global project team. We also do our absolute best to inform all applicants ahead of time that all positions are voluntary positions. This ensures that all applicants are fully informed about what they are signing up for, what is expected of them in order to remain a part of our team, and also empowers all applicants to make informed decisions about the department or team they would like to focus on being an active part of.

All positions are filled based on mutual agreement, and understanding of all the above, and below information.

While the map we are developing is for use in the game DayZ, it is not commissioned, funded, or associated with Bohemia Interactive, Steam, or any other connected organizations.

Our Zelador map project is a side project of a bigger project that is CMOGAMING. Although it is a time-consuming unique undertaking which has grown to become the primary focal point of our small gaming community (CMOGAMING) over time, map development continues to offer like-minded individuals - with any interest in doing so - the opportunity to be part of something special in the DayZ community, and more importantly, the opportunity to become involved in the development of the CMOGAMING community.

While our motivations to create this map are undeniably fueled by our collective passion for gaming it is important to remember that we are not just building a virtual world; we are laying the groundwork for future projects, collaborations, and innovations as CMOGAMING.

The focus and intentions of interested applicants should not solely be on financial gain—although these things are admittedly important—but should instead be shifted towards completing this labor of love, which can be looked back upon as the project that set the stage for exciting future developments by those who are active parts of CMOGAMING.

We look forward to hopefully having you join us on a journey where creativity, dedication, and camaraderie come together to shape the future foundation of CMOGAMING!

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    May 12, 2024
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