Application: Review Process

Lets cover a few basics that may not seem like they have anything to do with Application Review Process, but they really have everything to do with the process.

Everything that we do in our community, we do as a Team, or better yet; we do as a Family.

Working together to ensure community growth requires a certain amount of planning... planning requires analyzing duties, obligations, tasks, and/or areas of expertise, etc etc etc... What we end up with after micromanaging everything is a classification of sorts, of the work, position, role, and any included responsibilities or duties each department and team should easily be able to complete if they put in some efforts to complete such things.

The information herein the collective of pages related to application details and information and processes really is a bit long and detailed. Surely doing things this way may seem a bit serious to people that see us as a discord gaming community, and nothing more. However, it is important to remember we are not just a gaming community, we run a website(s), webservers, game servers, we are developing code stuffs, we develop mods & maps for the games we enjoy playing, we do a lot of stuff bro! So, it goes without saying "meticulous" just makes sense at this point.

We all fit into specific areas around here, some are based on/of personal interest(s), although we may not only exist in one area, and it is in presenting these areas of interest (in the following way) which allows applicants more insight in order to make a better decision regarding the area(s) or Team they may be most interested in applying to join based on their interests, and then fine-tuning their skills.

The end goal of all of this process is to weed out those that are not right for our collective and add to it with those that are right for our family.

There is no worse feeling in the world than being left to feel as though you've had to beg someone to join and or be a part of your projects. It's demotivating, in many ways draining, when all is said & done you're left feeling dirty and descusted with yourself. We don't chase people to be a part of our projects, why would we? The process of chasing people in/of any relationship of any type or level of business or intimacy is really a waste of time, time is not something we have to waste on people that just want to be chased... are we making sense here?.

It is vital to us that you apply for the position you know you are capable of successfully meeting expectations without needing to be directed on everything for months and months and months... you can apply yourself to those such positions or areas of interests as we grow togehter, as the project advances, or when such opportunities present themselves that you are able to involve yourself while still performing the general duties or expectations of the role you applied to/for initially...

We are looking for people that are willing to put in the time, the effort, and contribute to the community even just an 1/64 of the way we do in a day, without needing to be tracked down to ask "have you managed to get this done yet?". It's one of the reason we have so many micromanaged positions and applications. So you can easily apply for and easily complete the tasks of you signed up for.

So anyways, what we look for in anyone that applies to join us, is simple, we look for others that strive to grow their knowledge but know their current limitations and/or capacities, able to assist, and having the skills and abilities to empower each other in ways that only ever compliment one another, complete goals, meet deadlines, and thus set new objectives, for their own self as well as part of our projects & developments. But most importantly that are able to set that bar of excellence, without exceeding their own abilities in a manner that drains or leaves them over-worked, because that just means you're not functioning effeciently.

It's like that saying "Know your limit, play within it" Set your pace, complete your tasks, and grow to meet new quotas or accomplish new objectives. If that sounds like you then GREAT! your application should easily pass our review process... if this all sounds like hogwash or you don't get it, if you lack the belief & Confidence in yourself, well, simply do not apply, you're clearly just not ready for this.

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    May 13, 2024
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