Zelador Map

Zelador Map 2023-11-28

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As an example post, and also because we meet all the required conditions and expectations of the submission process, we would like to introduce and nominate our very own Zelador Mod to the list for review and placement on the recommended mod page.

This map is a Work In Progress.

1. This map, in part or complete form, shall not be made available on any game servers outside of those that are owned and operated by CMOGAMING.COM
2. There shall be one exception to the above, that is an exceptions where explicit written permission which has been provided by the author DeGrincH.
3. Any such request for proof of permission to use this map in any way not shall be immediatly and willingly presented by any user or operator of this map when requested by anyone.
4. Exception to the above terms would only be accepted where the operator or user of said mod is non other than the author of this mod.

For more information, questions, or interests in this map, and to enquire the status of development please use one of the following methods:

You may visit our website: http://www.cmogaming.com

Join our Discord community: https://discord.gg/6ysVRpypHG

You may attempt to search and join our server through the DayZ launcher by searching the term(s): RuleOne | Zelador - UbberCore | CMOGAMING

Zelador Mods designed by Degrinch & Skullshocker.

Some houseing and area layouts contributed by IkeOzzy ( Elderwoodz Map)

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