Scan For Directory By Name

Scan For Directory By Name 2023-12-06

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This collective of .bat files will scan your system for the directory specified by you.
How the script(S) work:

When the script starts, the user is asked to input the folder they would like the system to search for.
The user inputs the folder name, and the script will search all areas, and all drives that the current user account initiating the scan, has permissions to access.
The results will are saved one per line IE: "c:\path\foldername" within a txt file in the folder the .bat file is stored within.
When the script has completed, a new script will be started, this script will be opened in a new terminal/window.
When this new script starts, the contents of the original findings.txt file will be copied, and placed into a file within the same directory.
This new file is created so that there the script has a listing of it's own, specific to it's own purpose(s).
The new script will allow for a numerically listed view of the newly copied findings.txt file to be displayed for selection.
The end user may select the corresponding number for the "C:\directory\foldername" of their choosing, and review contents within the specific directory/folder
The end user may cycle between all of these results as he or she may wish, and review the contents to serve whatever purpose he or she may need.

Some of these use-cases may be easily described as...
- Finding multiple identical folders, within a system on one or multiple drives.
- Allow the end user faster, easier, comparative view and insight into the specific directory(ies).
- Allows for a better view of the various instances of the specific folder and it's contents in order to gain a better idea and understanding of such things as hard drive resources being used.
- Enables a bigger picture and allows for a much more precise clean up where the number of copies, backups, or just random duplicates of this specific directory
- All in all allows for specific and direct understanding of the specified folder, it's contents, and permits action to minimize or clean this content should such action be deemed necessary, wanted, or required.

Long story short this script will allow you to search your system for a specified directory, and further clean or organize your project folders based on the results provided.

These scripts do not build up logs, each run of the script will clear the previous findings (txt) files.

Future expansion ideas..

- Allow for a deeper look into the specific directory selection in such areas as
- Directory sizes, and creation details listed on the main page of the findings review window, or within the specific directory details page.
- Direct deletion of a specific directory
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