Alpha Test Player Team - A Deeper Look

In this article we take a deeper look at the characteristics we seek, and the skills you will either be required to have on hand, or pick up as you progress towards being an excellent and contributing part of our Alpha Test Player Team.

Our Alpha Test Player, Team Members: Shape the Future of Our DayZ Maps!

Greetings Survivors & Explorers, Does The Following Describe You At All?

  • Avid gamer with a knack for effective communication and a respectful demeanor in all your interactions?
  • Thrive in a team environments, effortlessly offering assistance and guidance to your fellow gamers & community members?
  • If asked, others would agree that your teamwork skills as well as your supportive approach make you an invaluable asset in any game, community or to any team?
  • If you are passionate about gaming, and embody these qualities as we've outlined above, then it is highly likely that you are the kind of teammate who elevates the gaming experience for everyone around you, and exactly the type of player we want on our Test Team

    This above mentioned type of player is key to shaping not only the future of Our In-Game Environment, a huge part of our Maps development, but a prime example of the type of players we are, and an extremely vital part of the foundation of our growing gaming community!

    So, again, if you fit that description, and assuming that you are looking for an exciting role in multiple gaming communities... Here's what we're looking for as we forge the paths of ElderWoodz and Zelador

    • Reporting Issues: Actively identify and report bugs, glitches, or inconsistencies encountered during gameplay on both "ElderWoodz" and "Zelador" maps.
    • Suggestions & Recommendations: Provide valuable input regarding dynamic event locations, loot spawning, infected hordes, and other elements to enhance the gaming experience.
    • Feedback on Tricky Areas: Offer insights and feedback on challenging or hard-to-navigate locations, aiding in improvements for smoother gameplay.
    • Engagement & Contribution: Actively engage in the map's development by recommending modifications, enhancements, and new features that contribute to the evolving landscape of both maps.
    • Ticket System Awareness: Stay updated on recent submissions to the ticket system to minimize duplicate entries for the same issue, especially related to object placement within the maps.
    • Timely Communication: Maintain effective communication with the development team by submitting timely and detailed reports or suggestions.

    Your contributions pave the way for these maps' futures. Step up, make your voice heard, and leave an indelible mark on Our DayZ community!

    Stay tuned for a deeper dive into our early access development process. Your dedication will help define the legacy of Our DayZ universes!

    • Published
      Dec 6, 2023
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