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Interested in applying for our Alpha Test Player Team? For the short description read the content below, if you're still interested in participating and want to know a bit more before making your decision follow the additional links within the article to learn more, and eventually get to the application process.

Join Our Alpha Test Player Team: Dive Into DayZ's Evolution!

Calling all adventurers, survivalists, and DayZ aficionados! 🎮
Are you ready to transcend mere gameplay and become a vital force in shaping the very soul of DayZ as it is presently known and played? This is your exclusive invitation from our map dev team, to step into a role that goes beyond the ordinary DayZ player experience. Welcome to the opportunity to join the ranks of our Alpha Test Players Team!

Opportunity To Be Part Of Game-Changing Development:

  • Brace yourself for an unparalleled journey into the heart of multiple DayZ Map developments, as an Alpha Test Player.
  • We're seeking passionate DayZ Gamers that want to actively shape the evolution of our maps as well as the overall DayZ gaming experience for everyone that ventures into our maps.
  • As an Alpha Test Player, you'll wield immense influence in the development process of our maps & configurations, steering the course toward an epic final product.

Let's introduce you to the realms:

  • "ELDERWOODZ": A PvP playground evolving into a realm of base-building, fostering tactical gameplay where multiple teams compete for prime land. Your contributions will shape and challenge the very landscape of ElderWoodz.
  • "ZELADOR": An immersive PvE RP adventure, calling for teamwork & cooperation amid diverse, expansive landscapes full of challenges that test survivalist skills. Your actions will mold and shape these lands across more than 1500 kilometers.

Are you ready to be a pioneer, not just another meat-shield player? Maybe you're worried you may not have what it takes? Don't doubt yourself! If you love the game as much as we do and want to be part of the next stage in map & gameplay developments, then we've got you covered!

We will guide you through the process of becoming an integral part of our team of gaming superstars, step by step! Stay tuned for detailed application instructions and get set to chart the destiny of Our DayZ universe!

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    Dec 6, 2023
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