Subscription Support Services

Gaming and Digital Media Creations, are just some of the things we do!

Subscription-Based Support Memberships.

Our subscription-based support services play a fundamental role in enhancing all of our community member's gaming experience(s), and yes, this includes you!.

Whether an active part of our growing discord gaming community, or utilizing any of the following...

  • Our game servers...
  • Our Discord Communities and Services...
  • Our Informations, scripts or tools...

...There is no big difference, whether using our website, or in our discord having a good time with other members, it is all still CMO Gaming community, and you are a Member!

The What, The Why, and The For...

Support by way of subscriptions, donations, or other forms of misc contributions play a huge part in the growth and direction of our community. So if you should decide to contribute to our community, should you want to be an active part of the important things that happen around here, the opportunity is there for you. It really does not take very much at all if you would like to be of some support, as an active and contributing member, all that is required is that you desire to become a bigger part of the community development and act on that desire.

Of course, before you get too excited, it is important that we make a very important statment here, do not donate for "power, ego, or control" within the community, that isn't how things work around here. Instead, support and invest into the community you play in, and gain from being part of by such ways as access to tech support, developers, designers, information, resources, and other such services beyond just gaming... If you are still not sure why you would want to donate or support through a subscription... do so simply for the fact that if you want a seed to grow you usually need to water it ;)

Subscription-Based Membership Does Wonders For Our Community!

  • Your support directly aids in...
    • maintaining and upgrading our servers.
    • Helps ensure seamless connectivity, and fluid in-game stability.
    • Assists in covering costs associated with server maintenance, hardware upgrades, and bandwidth.
    • Enables us to provide a reliable and high-performance gaming environment for our community members.
    • Facilitates mod and script development for the game servers we host, as well as the dev tools you will find in the subscribers area of our website.
    • Empowers us to seek out additional talented developers, allocate resources towards creating custom mods, plugins, and scripts that enrich gameplay in the servers we host.
    • Allows us to work on and introduce new features, which cater to the evolving needs and preferences of your requests as a game server owner, map hoster, sys admin...

Subscriptions Are About Community

Together as a community, we build an environment that fosters innovation, creativity, and continuous improvement.

Once again, we do these things as community so when you donate we utilize your contribution in only the ways that are most necessary, and most beneficial to the longevity and stability of the community.

Please select from the links below to learn about what we do, as well as any services we offer to subscribers!

  • Game Development: Designing, coding, and creating video games. This department often includes roles like game designers, programmers, artists, and sound engineers.
  • Art and Design: Focused on creating visual assets for games, including concept art, character design, level design, and UI/UX design.
  • Programming and Engineering: Engineers and programmers work on the technical aspects of game development, including game engines, networking, AI, and backend systems.
  • Quality Assurance (QA): Responsible for testing games to identify bugs, glitches, and other issues before release.
  • Marketing and PR: Handles promoting games, managing public relations, creating marketing campaigns, community management, and social media engagement.
  • Business Development: Deals with partnerships, licensing, acquisitions, and exploring new market opportunities.
  • Production and Project Management: Overseeing the development process, managing timelines, budgets, and resources across various teams.
  • Audio and Sound Design: Focuses on creating sound effects, music, voiceovers, and audio elements for games.
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    Nov 27, 2023
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