DayZ Zelador Map: Play Test(s) Information

Welcome to the page where all the magic play test moments and information will be presented :)

Play Test Information For DayZ Zelador Map

Our play tests allow us the data required to focus on improving player pathing as well as interactions with objects or builds across the Zelador map/world.

We do have plans to allow the integrations of Twitchh & Discord bots as well as webpages (code) to eventually connect and make use of the data collected in such areas as "game server data/stats, players details, Inventory, and other such player history, as well as other such system reports" as we believe this will only further improve players interests within our community. However we're not quite at that stage just yet and we do ask that our members be patient and continue to work with us on the development of the Zelador foundation, the map.

Play tests are the absolute best method for us to test various systems related aspects as well as improve the end user experience, so we really do appreciate those that are actively participating in our playtests. The data obtained allows us to refine the map and gameplay mechanics, test new features, as well as gather invaluable feedback from our community.

Each play test typicallyu runs for a minimum of one week, however in most past play tests we extend this time up to four weeks, providing ample time for thorough testing and iteration.

Join our Discord community to stay updated with the latest news and interact with other players. We encourage you to visit our event ideas section where we welcome new event suggestions, and check out our information page to request using the map and server for your own events.

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    Jun 22, 2024
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