XML Position Convertor

This converter simplifies the development process for DayZ map development and economy configurations by transforming position data into the required format. Enter the position data, choose whether to include the Y variable, and click "Convert" to get the formatted output.
XML Position Conversion Tool

XML Position Conversion Tool


The XML Position Conversion Tool simplifies the conversion of in-game coordinates to the XML pos format. It supports 2D and 3D coordinates, providing flexibility for different gaming environments.


  1. Input Flexibility:
    • Accepts coordinates directly copied from the game.
  2. Output Format:
    • Generates XML pos format: <pos x="" z="" y="" a="-1" />
  3. Optional Y Attribute:
    • Choose to include or ignore the Y attribute.
  4. Ease of Integration:
    • Streamlines integration of positional data into XML files.


  1. Input Coordinates:
    • Copy coordinates from the game.
  2. Launch Tool:
    • Paste coordinates and select options.
  3. Generate Output:
    • Click "Convert" to get XML pos format.
  4. Copy & Paste:
    • Copy generated XML pos format into the XML file.


The XML Position Conversion Tool is a user-friendly solution for developers and modders, enhancing efficiency in working with spatial data.

Note: Use the provided XML pos format as HTML may not support interactive tools.

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    Feb 5, 2024
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