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🌍 Calling All Avid DayZ Survivors: Join Our Zelador Map Development Project! 🎮

Hey Survivors of DayZ, come check out Zelador!

Are you a die-hard DayZ player with a passion for challenging gameplay and an eye for innovation? We're on the lookout for dedicated players much like yourself to join our Zelador Map Development Project by becoming a Test Player, and helping to shape the future of our apocalyptic world!

Opportunities to Excel:
- PvP Architects: Design and create some of the most thrilling PvP areas to test the mettle of even the most seasoned survivors.
- PvE Specialists: Craft unique and engaging PVE environments that challenge survivalist instincts and create immersive experiences.
- Economy Gurus: Dive deep into the world of survivalist economics where the back end configuration, where bears spawn, how many ai spawn, how often, why, should there be one wolf or four? all these ideas and more are vital and we want your ideas and assistance in making Zelador one of the most challenging maps to Survive on!
- Role Play Gurus:We're the largest map in the DayZ map dev realm (so far to date). We're well aware of just how large 1600klms square landmass actually is. We're not 100% there yet, but we do have every bit of intention to take all of the above aspects outlined above, bundle them into apocalyptic survival with enhanced trading, scavenging, crafting, faction warfare, and put all of it into action on our RP NO KOS server for our community of role-play enthusiasts to jump into and embark on some insane role play.

ARE YOU GAME?! Do you have ideas that will shape Zelador? Is this level of creativity where you want to be and would you excel at being a part of a development team for one of the most amazing RP maps to come to DayZ Workshop?

How to Get Involved:
1. Join our Discord server [].
2. Visit the APPLICATIONS Category to get access to project/separtment applications, read the details outlined in "The Applications Process" and apply for the position that you believe you are most suited for.
3. Once we have reviewed and approved your application process you will be provided with more information and well on your way to sharing your ideas, designs, and suggestions to contribute to the development of Zelador as a part of our Growth and Development team(s).

Why Join?
- Be a part of a thriving gaming community that values creativity, innovation, and team work.
- Showcase your skills and leave a lasting mark on the Zelador map and thus a memorable mark in the dayz community for all survivors to experience.
- Collaborate with like-minded players, community mod developers, and share your passion for the progress of DayZ community growth.

Together, let's make Zelador one of the next biggest mod development projects in history, changing the future of DayZ player experience! Your expertise even if only in theory, could be the key to creating an apocalyptic world that truly sets itself apart.

So what are you waiting for? Join our CMOGAMING.COM development project and let the adventure begin!

Survival is not guaranteed, but fun is! 🧟‍♂️🔧