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Supporting Server Costs

In an effort to sustain and enhance our game server, we have introduced several new areas on the map marked as "default keypoint1, default keypoint2, default keypoint3," and so on. These tags serve a significant purpose: they present an opportunity for active and interested players to support our development efforts.

These areas are available to be named by making a donation of no less than $30. This contribution covers approximately half the monthly cost of running our server. In exchange, donors can select any one of the available keypoints on the player map and rename it to a name of their choice.

Please note the following conditions for the names:

1. The name must not be offensive, nor hold any racial, sexist, derogatory, or offensive meanings.
2. The name must not be a phone number.
3. The name must not be a brand or specific product name.
4. The name must not be a domain name.

The first two rules are non-negotiable. The last two rules may be open to negotiation depending on the donation amount. Specifically, these rules might be reconsidered for contributions covering the annual server hosting cost, which is approximately $1200 USD.

We want to assure you that regardless of the contributions, we are committed to completing the map. It may undergo some changes from the initial desired design, but it will be available on the DayZ Workshop for as long as the game exists there. The names assigned by contributors will remain a permanent part of this map.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

If you are interested in donating to help cover server operation costs please connect with us here by way of the "start a conversation" option within our profile menu, or enquire on our DISCORD community.