DayZ Zelador Map 3rd Official Play Test: Starts July 1st 2024


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**The Next Play Test Begins**:
July 1st, 2024

**Play Test Title**:
Escape From Freshy Island

**Details Of The Play Test**:
- This play test brings some fine details & medium detail updates to a number of locations across Freshy Island
- Updates will also include changes to Lava Ridge Tower (South Bunker)
- Devil's Eye has had some updates which allows players to explore and engage in the area.
- Devil's Eye now also has as a bunker which has been included since the previous play test.
- More updates will be required for this area to address known FPS issues within these areas, and can be expected in coming months.
- Removing a large portion of the south bunker tower area, (primarily the top portion) is also in the works.
- This is also necessary in order to address and improve known FPS issues caused by object LOD.
- This issue will very likely not be entirely addressed with this coming play test. We thank you all for your co opertaiton, interest, and continued support while we build this map and improve the current builds. Your support means everything and is why we continue to develop the map. 🙂

**Worth Mentioning**.

This play test also means whitelist application processing begins again, soon.

This also mean those currently assigned @WHITELISTED role that have not met expectations will have less than a month to do so, and those that successfully complied will soon be granted @Test Player role.