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As of the time of posting this article. The DayZ globals.xml file should look something sim to the content shared below.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<var name="AnimalMaxCount" type="0" value="800"/>
<var name="CleanupAvoidance" type="0" value="100"/>
<var name="CleanupLifetimeDeadAnimal" type="0" value="600"/>
<var name="CleanupLifetimeDeadInfected" type="0" value="300"/>
<var name="CleanupLifetimeDeadPlayer" type="0" value="600"/>
<var name="CleanupLifetimeDefault" type="0" value="60"/>
<var name="CleanupLifetimeLimit" type="0" value="45"/>
<var name="CleanupLifetimeRuined" type="0" value="300"/>
<var name="FlagRefreshFrequency" type="0" value="432000"/>
<var name="FlagRefreshMaxDuration" type="0" value="3456000"/>
<var name="FoodDecay" type="0" value="1"/>
<var name="IdleModeCountdown" type="0" value="60"/>
<var name="IdleModeStartup" type="0" value="1"/>
<var name="InitialSpawn" type="0" value="100"/>
<var name="LootDamageMax" type="1" value="0.82"/>
<var name="LootDamageMin" type="1" value="0.0"/>
<var name="LootProxyPlacement" type="0" value="1"/>
<var name="LootSpawnAvoidance" type="0" value="100"/>
<var name="RespawnAttempt" type="0" value="2"/>
<var name="RespawnLimit" type="0" value="20"/>
<var name="RespawnTypes" type="0" value="12"/>
<var name="RestartSpawn" type="0" value="0"/>
<var name="SpawnInitial" type="0" value="1200"/>
<var name="TimeHopping" type="0" value="60"/>
<var name="TimeLogin" type="0" value="15"/>
<var name="TimeLogout" type="0" value="30"/>
<var name="TimePenalty" type="0" value="20"/>
<var name="WorldWetTempUpdate" type="0" value="1"/>
<var name="ZombieMaxCount" type="0" value="750"/>
<var name="ZoneSpawnDist" type="0" value="300"/>

The following information offers a more detailed define of what each settings in this file is responsible for...

[h1]DayZ Server globals.xml Settings Explained[/h1]

[h2]Animal and Zombie Settings[/h2]
- AnimalMaxCount
- Description: This setting determines the maximum number of animals that can spawn across the entire server at any given time. Animals include wildlife such as deer, wolves, and other creatures that players might hunt or encounter.
- Impact: A higher value will increase the wildlife population, making hunting and encounters with animals more frequent. Conversely, a lower value will make animals rarer.
- Value: 800 (This means that at most, 800 animals can exist on the server simultaneously).

- ZombieMaxCount
- Description: This setting specifies the maximum number of zombies (infected) that can be present in the game world at one time. Zombies are a core threat in DayZ, and their numbers can significantly affect gameplay difficulty.
- Impact: Increasing this value will result in more zombies spawning, making the game more challenging as players will encounter zombies more frequently. Decreasing it will make zombies less common.
- Value: 750 (This means that at most, 750 zombies can exist on the server simultaneously).

[h2]Cleanup Settings[/h2]
- CleanupAvoidance
- Description: Radius around a player within which the cleanup system will avoid deleting items. This prevents items near players from being removed during cleanup cycles.
- Impact: Ensures that items in the immediate vicinity of players are not prematurely deleted, preserving the player’s environment and any interactions with objects.
- Value: 100 meters.

- CleanupLifetimeDeadAnimal
- Description: Time (in seconds) before dead animals are removed from the game world. This controls how long carcasses remain before being cleaned up.
- Impact: Longer times mean carcasses stay visible longer, which can be useful for scavenging or aesthetic purposes. Shorter times reduce clutter in the game world.
- Value: 600 seconds (10 minutes).

- CleanupLifetimeDeadInfected
- Description: Time (in seconds) before dead infected (zombies) are removed from the game world. This setting helps manage the persistence of dead zombie bodies.
- Impact: Similar to dead animals, longer times mean dead zombies remain longer, affecting the environment and possibly gameplay as players see the aftermath of encounters.
- Value: 300 seconds (5 minutes).

- CleanupLifetimeDeadPlayer
- Description: Time (in seconds) before dead players are removed from the game world. This setting controls how long player corpses stay before disappearing.
- Impact: Allows for looting and interaction with dead bodies over a set period, adding to the realism and tactical considerations in the game.
- Value: 600 seconds (10 minutes).

- CleanupLifetimeDefault
- Description: Default cleanup time (in seconds) for general items in the world. This acts as a fallback time for items not otherwise specified.
- Impact: Helps manage the overall clutter in the game world by removing items after a certain period.
- Value: 60 seconds (1 minute).

- CleanupLifetimeLimit
- Description: Minimum time (in seconds) an item will remain in the world before being cleaned up. This sets a lower bound for item persistence.
- Impact: Ensures items are not cleaned up too quickly, giving players a fair chance to interact with them.
- Value: 45 seconds.

- CleanupLifetimeRuined
- Description: Time (in seconds) before ruined items are removed from the game world. This helps manage the persistence of unusable or broken items.
- Impact: Prevents the world from being cluttered with ruined items, keeping the environment cleaner.
- Value: 300 seconds (5 minutes).

[h2]Flag Settings[/h2]
- FlagRefreshFrequency
- Description: Time (in seconds) before a flag needs to be refreshed to prevent its pole from starting to decay.
- Impact: Encourages players to maintain their flags regularly to avoid deterioration.
- Value: 432000 seconds (5 days).

- FlagRefreshMaxDuration
- Description: Maximum duration (in seconds) a flag can be refreshed to extend its lifetime.
- Impact: Allows players to extend the life of their flags up to a certain limit, adding to base maintenance tasks.
- Value: 3456000 seconds (40 days).

[h2]Food and Loot Settings[/h2]
- FoodDecay
- Description: Multiplier for how fast food decays.
- Impact: A value of 1 means normal decay rate. Higher values will cause food to spoil faster, while lower values will slow down the spoilage.
- Value: 1 (normal decay rate).

- LootDamageMax
- Description: Maximum damage (as a fraction of the total condition) that loot can have when it spawns.
- Impact: Limits the condition of loot, making some items spawn with wear and tear, affecting their usability and value.
- Value: 0.82 (82% of its total condition).

- LootDamageMin
- Description: Minimum damage (as a fraction of the total condition) that loot can have when it spawns.
- Impact: Ensures that loot spawns with at least some damage, preventing the world from being filled with pristine items.
- Value: 0.0 (no damage).

- LootProxyPlacement
- Description: Determines if proxy placements (predefined item placements) should be used for spawning loot.
- Impact: Enables or disables the use of predefined item placements, which can affect the distribution and availability of loot.
- Value: 1 (enabled).

- LootSpawnAvoidance
- Description: Radius around a player within which loot will not spawn.
- Impact: Prevents loot from spawning too close to players, ensuring a more natural distribution and reducing immediate item farming.
- Value: 100 meters.

[h2]Respawn Settings[/h2]
- RespawnAttempt
- Description: Number of attempts the server will make to respawn a player if the initial spawn fails.
- Impact: Ensures players are placed correctly in the world, improving the spawn experience.
- Value: 2.

- RespawnLimit
- Description: Maximum number of respawn attempts allowed for a player.
- Impact: Limits how many times a player can respawn within a certain timeframe, affecting gameplay balance.
- Value: 20.

- RespawnTypes
- Description: Number of different respawn types available.
- Impact: Adds variety to the spawn locations and conditions, enhancing gameplay dynamics.
- Value: 12.

- RestartSpawn
- Description: Determines if the server should spawn items upon restart.
- Impact: Controls item availability after server restarts, affecting resource management and player strategy.
- Value: 0 (disabled).

[h2]Time Settings[/h2]
- SpawnInitial
- Description: Initial spawn radius around a player for items and entities.
- Impact: Defines the area within which items and entities will spawn relative to a player’s location.
- Value: 1200 meters.

- TimeHopping
- Description: Penalty time (in seconds) applied for server hopping.
- Impact: Discourages players from frequently switching servers by imposing a waiting period.
- Value: 60 seconds (1 minute).

- TimeLogin
- Description: Time (in seconds) a player must wait during login.
- Impact: Adds a delay to the login process, potentially reducing server load spikes.
- Value: 15 seconds.

- TimeLogout
- Description: Time (in seconds) a player must wait during logout.
- Impact: Ensures a delay when logging out, which can help prevent combat logging (players quickly logging out to avoid combat).
- Value: 30 seconds.

- TimePenalty
- Description: Penalty time (in seconds) applied for actions like server hopping.
- Impact: Adds a time-based penalty to discourage exploitative behaviors.
- Value: 20 seconds.

- WorldWetTempUpdate
- Description: Frequency (in seconds) of updates to the wetness and temperature states in the world.
- Impact: Controls how often the game updates environmental conditions, affecting realism and immersion.
- Value: 1 second.

[h2]Other Settings[/h2]
- IdleModeCountdown
- Description: Countdown time (in seconds) before the server enters idle mode due to inactivity.
- Impact: Allows the server to enter an idle state after a period of inactivity, potentially saving resources.
- Value: 60 seconds.

- IdleModeStartup
- Description: Determines if the server should start in idle mode.
- Impact: Enables the server to start in an idle state, potentially saving resources if no players are online.
- Value: 1 (enabled).

- InitialSpawn
- Description: Initial number of items that will spawn when the server starts.
- Impact: Affects the availability of items at the beginning of the game, influencing early gameplay.
- Value: 100.

- ZoneSpawnDist
- Description: Distance (in meters) from a player within which zones will spawn.
- Impact: Determines how close zones can appear relative to a player’s position, affecting gameplay dynamics and exploration.
- Value: 300 meters.

The content in this file may not be 100% correct but it should get you started on the basics of what the globals.xml file located in your /mpmissions/dayzoffline.chernarusplus/db folder does. Please feel free to add any comments or thoughts or corrections where such may be necessary, in the comments below.

Thank you!