Mod Submission Conditions and Expectations

All about the conditions and expectations a mod must meet in order to earn a place on our mod recommendation list.

Mod Submission: Conditions and Expectations

As mentioned already, we are very much dedicated to putting together a list of Mods which not only enhance the gamer's experience, but that are also not overly difficult or complex for the average server admin to install, understand, and configure on their own server.

The following content will assist you in deciding if the Mod is in fact up to par for our recommended Mod list. The recommended Mod list will is shared here on our website, as well as being shared across multiple Discord Gaming Communities.

  • Basic Configuration Assurance: The Mod must include fundamental build and configuration practices. This simply means that the Mod must allow server administrators to seamlessly install and operate the Mod as it is advertised on the workshop. If a Mod falls short in this aspect, it won't make it to our recommended list.
  • No Additional Payments Required: We firmly believe in accessibility. If a Mod developer requires end users to pay for keys, additional vital configuration files, or has some form of pay-wall in place that restricts a server admin's access to any crucial information which is directly related to the Mod and necessary to have said information before the Mod will function correctly, it definitely will not make it on our list and will not be endorsed by us in any platforms.

Remaining Completely Reasonable and Fair.

  • We understand the value of creativity.
  • We understand that there are costs to/of operations.
  • We can understand and respect that any time invested, to continue development, is still time invested.
  • We respect a Mod developer's decision to provide a Mod, feature, or extended service "as is" assuming it works as is, and their right to no longer update the Mod if it does not require such.
  • We respect and unserstand a Mod developer's right to request or ask for a fee or compensation from the end user if the end user continues to require assistance outside of the Mod and provided content to get the Mod working (where a lack of knowledge or capacity to learn restricts the end user from being able to install the Mod and tweak it where if it may be tweakable, to their liking).
  • So all in all, if a Mod developer provides all necessary content for the Mod to function, and includes a configuration documentation which also allows for reasonable and understandable define of the Mod and it's configuration...
  • The Mod developer may decide to offer access to premium technical services (such as configuration assistance, special request installation, or deeper development insights through a subscription-based access.
  • Mods which offer a clear general understanding of the Mod, configuration and are not incredibly difficult to comprehend the Mod, will still earn our recommendation.

Your game server and your players' gaming experience matter. Again, we are committed to ensuring you have access to Mods that elevate your community.

This is why we expect our members to understand the conditions or expectations before submitting a Mod, and also why we welcome any questions, suggestions, concerns or feedback on these conditions or anything else we do around these parts...

All members thoughts or opinions are always welcome as we strive to build a better community experience and invite you to join us so we can all create, game, and grow together!


  • 1. The Mod Name Must Be Unique, it must not be a spin off of another developers Mod name.
  • 2. The Mod name must not be Offensive, must not include any Sexual references.
  • 3. The Mod name must not include racist, hateful, or extremist words or phrases.
  • 4. Mod Must have been on the workshop for AT LEAST 90 Days
  • 5. The Mod must include the Key in the workshop download file, the only exception to this is a MAP Mod, where the admin must register on a discord or website in order to learn, and comply with further expectations related to the map.
  • 6. Where the Mod is a MAP Mod, and the key is not included in the workshop package, the Mod develper must not charge a fee or any other subscription services required in order for the hosting admin to obtain the key.
  • 7. Where the Mod is a Map Mod, and the key is not included in the workshop download, the key must not be refused for reasons related to money or subscription service.
  • 8. The Mod must be actively developed
  • 9. The Mod must be compatible with the most current stable version of DayZ.
  • 10. The Mod MUST comply with all aspects of the workshop TOS
  • 11. The Mod MUST Respect, Acknowledge, and meet all Requirements and Copyright Law as defined by Canadian and United States Law(s)
  • 12. The Mod developer must also acknowledge all Contributors to/of the Mod in the designated area of the steam workshop Mod page.
  • 13. The Mod package must include all additional files or configurations in order to make the Mod functional from download to server running/operational.
  • 14. The Mod, and the Mod developer(s) must not consist of or partake in misleading tactics or tricks or practices with regards to a server hoster/admin freely obtaining or gaining access to the Mod, key, and thus the use of the Mod. IE: Does not require hidden fees, or purchase costs to use the Mod as described and presented on the workshop.
  • .15 The above condition does not apply to services simply requesting registration with a free service or platform such as a develpment website.
  • The above condition also does not apply to additional access by way of subscription(s) to/for any additional Services, Information, or Support so long as the main Mod PBO, KEY(s) and necessary configuration information is available on or through the workshop.

For The Sake Of Clarity, and Understanding...

  • If a Mod does not include the necessary basic configuration to permit a server administrator to install, and run the Mod to do what is advertised to do, as it is advertised to do (on the workshop) then we will not recommend the Mod.
  • If the Mod dev requires the end user to pay for a key, configuration files, or any other pertenant information(s) related to that Mod, before the Mod will run correctly, we will not recommend the Mod.


  • If the Mod developer provides the necessary content and informations required in order to run the Mod, but also offers advanced technical services such as installation or configuration and subscription based access to deeper understanding and development logics, we will still recommend the Mod.
  • Congratulations, You've made it through, and you are now at the end of all the long reading!
  • Assuming your Mod suggestion meets the above criteria you may SUBMIT YOUR MOD to be reviewed by our Mod Review Team
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    Nov 21, 2023
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