About DayZ Territory Checker

DayZ Territories.xml Checker.

Understanding This Tool...

  • This tool is designed to work with dayz territories.xml file code. You can find these files within mpmissions\MAPNAME\env directory of your DayZ GAME SERVER directory.
  • The names of the files located in the /env/ directory are named in such a way "NAME_territories.xml" where "NAME" portion of the title is various, and depends on the nature of the event type being managed within the code of that specific or particular terittories.xml file.
  • There is infact NO FILE NAMED "territories.xml" within this directory *nor any other directory to the best of my knowledge* the batch of files located in the env/ directory are all referred to when someone mentions "territories" in conversation or referrence although the reference can be more specific *such as "bear_territories"*. Simply said, bear_territories.xml is home to the details which dictate bear spawns across your map, where pig_territories.xml will manage the pig spawn events across the entire map, and so on...
  • For those of you that may not understand it just yet, and require more REEEEE in order to see the big picture, let me break it down a bit further after we cover the directory basics...
  • Names of all files the folder currently contains *as of the time of this page creation* are as follows:
  • bear_territories.xml
  • cattle_territories.xml
  • domestic_animals_territories.xml
  • hare_territories.xml
  • hen_territories.xml
  • pig_territories.xml
  • red_deer_territories.xml
  • roe_deer_territories.xml
  • sheep_goat_territories.xml
  • wild_boar_territories.xml
  • wolf_territories.xml
  • zombie_territories.xml

Back to the Reeee for a moment...

The easiest way to explain this, is that, for all the logical reasons what was/is in a sense "one large territories.xml file" and to ease the processes of managing said file, the "one" has been broken down into "many", and this is in order to allow for better management.

If you had to wash a hundred forks made of 5 different sizes, it's likely easier to work with like shaped at the same time or ten at a time in your hand rather than deal with them all at once and do an effiecint job... computing or processing is kinda the same.

Each process of spawning and managing "zombie_" is easier to do if the content within said file is specific to just zombie.

The process of addressing, configuring, managing and trouble shooting or balancing events becomes easier as the files used consist of specific details and not a mass of code to sift through. It all equates to a faster processing.

How Territories Work...

I'm going to pause this for now as I am in the middle of a lot of projects and it may be easier to just find some links and content to point others at in order to get the basics of territories files and other files related to them such as areaflags

I will try to get back here and finish this part of this page as soon as I can

How The XML Checker Tool Works:

  • Each of these files will all contain lines or a massive amount of lines that will include the x="VALUE" and z="VALUE" attribution. This tool compares each individual line with all other lines in the file. It searches for all duplicate values in the X and Z attribute.
  • The tool then prints out the results below, grouping any lines that have either an identical X -or- Z or BOTH values.
  • Youc an ignore the first block in the table where there are no reports of numerical values in the X or Z column. You want to review the grouped lines where the x or the z values are present.
  • Check to make sure the lines of code in the grouped tables in fact have matching values for BOTH the X and Z attributes, search for the x or the z value in your main file and adjust accordingly.
  • Further discussion regarding configuration of this file can be reviewed


This tool does not print a perfected docment, it only points out the duplicate entries in specific lines of your pasted code.

If you use this tool or any of our tools, please

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    Nov 28, 2023
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