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The contents of this area will help members to better understand our mod submission process, as well as any additional mod related requirements and expectations.

Got A Mod Recommendation For Server Hosters?

We promise we're just as dedicated to curating a list of highly recommended mods that truly enhance the gaming experience as you are about sharing your mod recommendation with us! Once you've read the following information and understand the mod submission process you won't have to read this stuff again (unless you missed a step in the process)... The following process ensures all members have a clear understanding of what it takes for a mod to get on our Recommended Mods List, and as they say, "Knowing is half the battle!"

Being in the know also means when you review the recommneded mod list, as a server owner, then you also know the mods you see are top of the line when it comes to being kept up to date, are free of any tricks or gimics to getting them installed and operational on your server(s).

We want to make sure that our mod list has only the best and the most reliable mods on it. So we've made it our priority to ensure clarity, transparency in the submission process so that everything about our mod recommendation and the mods our members may use on their servers are 100% above board.

Lets Get To The Finer Details

To be sure that we recommend only the best community mods, we've some conditions and expectations a mod and developer(s) MUST meet in order to earn and keep a place on our recommendation list

If you are serious about having your mod or another creator's mod added to our listing please comply with the following...

Failure to comply with the outlined process will result in removal of your access to any mod submission tools and areas.

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    Nov 21, 2023
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