Recommended Mod Lists

This page offers out links to individual servers mod recommended mod lists.

Links To Our Mod Recommendations Lists, Based On Game / Server

We're dedicated to curating a list of recommended DayZ mods that truly enhance your gaming experience. To ensure clarity and transparency, we've outlined the conditions a mod must meet to earn our recommendation:

  • Basic Configuration Assurance: Mods must include fundamental configurations allowing server administrators to seamlessly install and operate the mod as advertised on the workshop. If a mod falls short in this aspect, it won't make it to our recommended list.
  • No Additional Payments Required: We firmly believe in accessibility. If a mod developer requires end users to pay for keys, configuration files, or any crucial information related to the mod before it functions correctly, it won't be endorsed on our list.

However, there's an exception:

  • We understand the value of creativity and development.
  • If a mod developer not only provides all necessary content for mod functionality but also offers premium technical services (like installation assistance or deeper development insights through subscription-based access), such mods will still earn our recommendation.

Your gaming experience matters, and we're committed to ensuring you have access to mods that elevate it. Your suggestions and feedback on these conditions are always welcome as we strive to build a better community experience together! 🌟

  • Published
    Nov 21, 2023
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